Family Portrait Photography

As a father myself I understand how easy it is to get caught up in just trying to survive the day to day challenges of raising a family and before we know it, our kids are all grown up.

In my practice of family photography, my goal is to not just simply document a point in time but to bring out the unique personalities of each family and each individual.

Some of my most cherished photographs are from my childhood – not so much because of my memory of the particular moment but remembering what my home or my grandma’s house looked like in those days, evoking other memories, feelings and even smells of those days gone by. To that end, I believe in capturing your family in and around your home or in other places familiar and special to you, with an eye toward preserving those feelings and memories that exist even outside of the specific pictures we make, to be cherished in future years and decades.

As with my headshot and portrait photography, my style is “just slightly better than real life” — documenting things as they are, not as an idealized or stylized fantasy. This means quality lighting and mild retouching that may remove temporary blemishes while preserving the unique, individual character that tells the stories of our lives.

I’ll be posting some rates here. Soon. This website is under re-construction at the moment 🙂

My Family: 2021 (click to read the story behind this session!)