We all need to make a good impression on prospective clients, employers and colleagues and the public, but more than that I believe that everyone deserves to have a picture that makes them feel good about themselves.

So aside from all the other needs a headshot needs to fulfill, my goal is to help you feel comfortable so that together we can create a portrait that not only makes you look your best but above all, lets your personality shine through and results in an image you can be proud of and reflects the real you.

In practical terms that means you get the benefit of my decade of lighting experience in the motion picture industry to help you look like the best version of your real self, plus a soft hand at retouching.

Temporary blemishes will of course disappear but I will not remove permanent features or digitally modify the shape of your face or body.

Why? It’s easy — A picture that you know is fake cannot and will not make you feel good about yourself in the end. We can work together to bring out the best version of the real you!