Documentary / Street Photography

When it comes to photography, I am a documentarian at heart. I love to document moments that won’t be there in the future and to use images to tell stories.

Currently I do not have an online portfolio of my street and documentary photography (this site is a continual work in progress!). Below you may find some of my “Mini-Projects” and for now, here is a link to my Instagram which is more of a daily sketchpad than a portfolio:

During the pandemic when others were learning to make sourdough bread at home, I began developing film at home. I’ve made it a personal challenge to shoot at least one roll of film per week, whether it’s doing street photography while picking up food in Downtown Los Angeles where I live, or just family snapshots. It’s my way to force myself to keep creating in these times.


“Mini-Projects” are what I’m calling work I’ve done on documentary or street photography subjects that are worth a bigger look at than just an Instagram post but maybe not big enough for a zine, book or other longer form presentation.