Analog Photography Portfolio (2022)

This is a quick little Analog Photography Portfolio put together for Asian Archives. All images on this page were originated on 35mm film and shot in the city of Los Angeles unless otherwise indicated.

Residential Industrial:

My continuing exploration of the collision between residential and industrial spaces in Southern California

Urban Landscape

Street Photography

Food and COVID Life

Artist’s statement or something…

As a photographer I am primarily motivated by capturing human stories, particularly making a record of moments, places and things that might not be there later.

What I love about film is the built-in, physical archival record that you get — Something that will stand the test of time. In that respect, much of my work is made with an eye toward future generations rather than today’s audience.

During the pandemic I found some of my family’s old cameras at my parents’ house and started getting back into the analog photography I grew up with. While everyone was busy learning to make sourdough, I started developing film in my kitchen. These days most of my personal work is done on film, and a lot of family snapshots, too.