Peak Design 6L vs 5L Size Comparison

I couldn’t find any pictures showing the difference in size between the Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L and the older 5L. So I took some of my own after getting the 6L which I received as a warranty replacement for my 5L with a broken zipper.

This isn’t a real blog post, I just wanted to post these pictures to help anyone else who is trying to decide between the 6L or the 5L which is as of right now discontinued, but still available at some retailers.

Honestly the 6L seems huge to me. I wish I could get another 5L but I’ll take a free 6L. Peak Design’s lifetime warranty is great!

Also it’s kinda crazy how much the color changed after years of dragging my 5L over multiple trips to rural parts of northern India and of course, every day in Downtown L.A.

Update: Now with YouTube video!

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